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November 29, 2016
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A day at Montessori

“of all things love is the most Potent”
Maria Montessori

After all these years, these words anchor us to where we are and keep us moving forward.  Both root and compass in this work we do as parents, Maria Montessori’s wisdom is as necessary today as ever.   May you, and your children, and your neighbors, and all creatures on this green earth, give an receive love in all its power.

Have you ever wondered what your children do all day in class??  Here are a few examples…. the children built with geometric sticks on a white board for ease of labeling and drawing diagonals.  They got to see what the diagonals of a pentagon looked like to assist in their lesson. As they continued with their lesson, they were able to draw all kinds of different shapes.



Montessori materials for younger children appeal to their need of movement and spontaneous exploration.  Lifting, carrying and building with large prisms, rods and cubes give the child the opportunity to gain physical skills, control of movement and give a very strong impression of size, weight and length. Montessori materials for older children are smaller, lighter and require more refined motor skills and dexterity.





In a Montessori classroom the older children are supported to know how to offer help to the younger children.  The younger child experiences the daily stimulation of older role models, who in turn flourish through the responsibility of leadership.  Children learn how to offer help and to gracefully accept a “no”, if the younger child does not want assistance.



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