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August 29, 2016
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Diversity and Culture

The Benefits of Understanding Cultural Diversity in Education

    • The term “Diversity,” race, language, age,faith, culture, ethnicity…..” has direct effects to the growth of children.
    • A Multicultural classroom is one in which both the students and the teacher are accepting of all races, cultures, and religions. This acceptance is evidenced by the books that are read, the activities that are complement the lessons that are taught.
    • Some strategies are recognizing any biases or stereotypes you may have absorbed. Treat each student as an individual, and respect each student for whom he or she is. Having parents and other community members to come to acquaint students with the holiday of their at Coral Springs Montessori classroom by introducing them to some of the recipes, games, clothing, and customs of these groups.  The major component involves encouraging families and community to participate.
    • Research shows that more diverse environments increase all students’ level of critical thinking, raise levels of their knowledge and awareness, challenge assumptions, and raise levels of their contact connections and communications.


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