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Welcome to Coral Springs Montessori School where we believe every student is unique and endowed with limitless potential for excellence and success. We teach children to thrive to their fullest potential. The “absorbent mind” of a child in action as they learn and progress at their own pace, is what makes our curriculum one of a kind; meaning children are not forced or rushed in their lessons.

Our Montessori curriculum is based around the methods to teach children a revolutionary method of observing and supporting the natural development of children that has been tested world-wide for over 100 years.

Coral Springs Montessori has been around since 1991, we are neither a chain nor a franchise. Schedule a Tour today! to see how Coral Springs Montessori School might be the right fit for your child.


Why Choose CSMS ?

What makes Coral Springs Montessori School unique?

Coral Springs Montessori Reviews

  • My daughter loves the school; she is happy every day in red door. Great staff.
  • My children were very lucky to be associated with this Montessori school. They learnt not just academic but also conduct and manners. Under the leadership of Ms.Bertelli children got individualized attention. She has memorized each child's ...More
  • Coral Springs Montessori promotes your child's development, including laying the groundwork for a solid start for your child’s future. The staff at Coral Springs Montessori genuinely cares about your children and their development. The staff engages and communicates well with parents. The school is very clean and the staff ensures that the children practice good hygiene habits. I admire the Montessori style of teaching and am very impressed with what my daughter is learning there, socially and intellectually. I am really happy with CSM.
  • Having just moved to Florida, I knew nothing of the area schools and knew no one to ask. I relied on people's reviews on the internet for information. After narrowing my choices, and visiting three schools, I decided on Coral Springs Montessori. I couldn't be more pleased or happier with my choice. My son has blossomed this year. He has learned so much in the Red Door Classroom with Ms. Lima and Ms. Seer. Every day he comes home with something new he can't wait to tell us. Many of the lessons are taught in such a fun and interesting way, he doesn't even realize he is learning. Each child is assessed and taught lessons based on their ability. Since every lesson is different, no child is singled out or made to feel inferior. My son went from not completely knowing the alphabet to reading books. If he sees a word he doesn’t recognize, it could be a two or three syllable word, he sounds it out. He is doing addition too. He is more than ready for Kindergarten. My child, my husband, nor myself has ever felt unwelcome. The focus is on the children. I have never felt they were more interested in the money. In fact I have felt the opposite. I highly recommend this school to anyone with a child going into Pre-K.
  • Adam C. Altman We cannot more emphatically recommend Coral Springs Montessori (CSM). Our son has progressed exponentially in just the six short months he has been attending CSM, and we cannot wait to see how much more comes about. A neighbor who recommended CSM and whose own son loved the school could not have offered a better recommendation to us, which we now share with readers here. Members of our family who weren't as familiar with the Montessori method prior to our enrolling our son at CSM may now be even greater advocates of its methods than those of us who were already familiar with the Montessori method!
    From the staff and educators to programs and methods, parents would do themselves & their children a disservice to not at least visit and consider CSM when looking for quality early childhood education & care.
    If cost is a particular concern, we found that daycare facilities in the area that don't do for children what CSM does do for children tend to cost just as much, sometimes even more, making CSM an even smarter choice.
  • Amazing staff, they are like family to my daughter and I.
  • My daughter absolutely loves this school. The staff is very caring. My daughter has learned so much! I'm really happy with this school and recommend it to all.
  • Such a great school. My son is thriving there. The teachers and office staff are beyond amazing. The fact that it is in a strip mall may throw you off, but the quality of care and education inside the school is unparalleled!
  • My son has had a great experience at CSM! He gets so excited by the things he learns in class that he wants to continue learning more at home. The teachers are wonderful. I highly recommend it!
  • Best school! My daughter loves it there. She started at 18 months and is graduating from VPK this year. Her reading is through the roof and her love of learning is for surely credited to her teachers here. We love Ms. Lima. She is positive, caring, organized, and passionate about her role as a teacher; she is a great communicator and encourages the children to learn in the most fun and inspiring way!

Our Curriculum

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